PyData Ams

How much are the tickets

The base price of a ticket is €30,-. Access to the code breakfast adds €15,- to the price and if your employer pays for the ticket another €15,- is added. In addition we offer sponsorship packages based on a minimum amount of tickets sold. If you buy 5 tickets in bulk, you’ll automatically be a bronze sponsor of the event, and for 10 tickets you’ll be a silver sponsor.

I’d like to sponsor the event, what are the options?

The easiest way to sponsor the event is to buy the above mentioned bulk tickets. There are however also other sponsor levels available. Reach out to amsterdam@pydata.org if you’re interested.

Will the sessions be recorded?

Yes! The sessions will be recorded and recordings will be made available to attendees throughout the event. Recordings of the talks will be made available to the public at a later date. Recordings of the workshops will only be made available to attendees who purchased workshop tickets.

What platform will you use for this event?

The sessions will be streamed using Zoom Webinars. Apart from that we’ll be using Discord as a back-channel for text and voice chat.

Are the code breakfasts the same as the workshops?


Why do you charge for a virtual event?

NumFOCUS is the non-profit organization that fiscally sponsors 33 Open Source Projects and organizes community-driven educational programs for users and developers of open source scientific tools. Donations from PyData conferences account for a significant portion of our annual operating budget and enable us to continue giving back to the open source community.

While there are no costs this year for a venue or catering, there are still costs associated with bringing the event online. We also need to continue paying fixed costs to keep NumFOCUS healthy so we can keep PyData alive, as well as continue supporting the open source community.

We hope you understand the difficult situation we are currently in and can support us during this time so that we can keep supporting you in the future.